Monday, 20 May 2013

Recessed modular fluorescent lights - Cave Effect

We had an enquiry today from the owner of a building leased out as a hair salon. The landlord had fitted recessed modular 'Cat 2' lights with silver diffusers/reflectors as an improvement. These replaced surface-mounted batten-style fluorescent switch-start T8 fittings.

Thinking the salon owner would be delighted he was shocked when they complained that their customers were just walking past thinking they were closed as it appeared all the lights were switched off. The narrow downward beams of the grid-mounted 4x18W fluorescent lights gave no illumination to the walls or ceiling. It was said to be "like a cave".
Happily the landlord came to Energy At Work for our Patent-Office-protected diffuser kit called GreenCat. This novel idea fits into existing modular lights, saving around 50% of the energy, and includes a dished diffuser-kit which reflects some of the light across the ceiling and upper walls.

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